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Enjoy delightful food prepared the way old folks did. Go artisanal this time!

Try Something Delicious 

Gourmet, Natural, Shelf-Stable Food Products

Enjoy the Homemade Goodness!

Time was when people cooked everything from scratch. Meals were prepared using natural ingredients freshly picked from family farms and gardens. Shunning anything processed or canned, old folks cooked fruits and veggies in small batches.

Rejoice, people! The food you love and miss so much is making a big comeback into the American foodie mainstream. Come and get it at Artisan's Choice. 

What Every Family Deserves

We're all for bringing healthy but flavorful food back to American dinner tables. Unapologetically old-school, we offer only products we'd be proud to serve to friends and family. Contact us today to buy or inquire about our artisanal food products.

Mouthfuls of Joy

"I tried the Strawberry-Rhubarb Jam and it is delicious! The jam doesn’t taste overly sweet, it’s just right! The jam spreads easily across toast, even after being refrigerated. My husband and kids. who are picky eaters, love this jam too. I definitely will order more.

Kara B. - Illinois

"I purchased the Baby Pickled Beets and gave a jar to my Dad, he said they were good. I put them in my salad and they were really good. Sometimes beets can get an earthy dirt flavor to them but these didn't have that at all."

Jane W.  - Washington State

"The Apple Butter is absolutely delicious!! It’s so smooth and flavorful and it was an immediate hit with our family. The item was packaged very well considering it was made of glass. This is a definite hit and will purchase again!"

Michelle H. - Missouri

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